Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It's A Girl

I had my ultra sound yesterday morning.

It's a girl!!!!!

Kory and I decided that since this is going to be our last baby we'd take all the kids to the ultrasound appt. Hunter and Madelyn are old enough that we hope they will remember this experience. Before the ultrasound we took a tally of what the baby was going to be.

Madelyn and Emily thought/hoped for a girl.

Hunter and Brayden (with Hunter's help) thought/hoped for a boy.

Mom and Dad kept saying as long as the baby was healthy and strong we didn't care. However, if we had to choose (the kids wanted us to) we'd both choose boy. As fun as a little girls are they can be full of drama. It's seems our house has had a little too much drama lately. With Emily going to kindergarten next year I thought it would be great to have a little brother to play with for Brayden.

When the technician took the pictures between the legs I saw the 3 white lines. She asked me if I could tell what the baby was. Having 2 already, I said I believe those three white lines means It's a girl. She confirmed it. Emily was thrilled. She was jumping up and down saying, "yes, yes, yes. I knew it was going to be a girl". Then ALL day she kept asking, "Can we go back to the hospital to get that baby out now?" Madelyn was just as thrilled but kept her excitement to herself a little better than her sister. Hunter leaned over to me and quietly asked,"is there another baby in there? It could be a boy!" His question made me feel sorry for him. He really did want another brother.

On the way home Madelyn drove both Kory and I absolutely CRAZY!!! This girl just had too many thoughts running through her head like: "Where are we going to put another bed in our bedroom. We already have 2 beds in there!"

"We're going to have to get a bigger dresser. The one we have now barely holds my clothes and Emily's".

"Maybe dad can make us bunk beds. Emily can sleep on the top and we can put a bigger bed on the bottom that I will share with the baby".

"Where are we going to keep all the baby stuff? Like the crib and her little chairs and her swing?"

"Mom you can make all 3 of us matching easter dresses."

"Our table's not big enough for another person. We need a bigger table."

"Can the baby sleep in my room and when she wakes up I'll bring her to you?"

"Are you going to hang her clothes like you do ours or fold them like you do the boys?"

"Mom did you know that we don't even have a car seat for the baby?"

"Mom, you know those initial letters you hung over my bed and Emily's? Your going to have to make another one for this baby."

Seriously the questions/statements went on and on and on. Finally Kory reminded her that we still have about 4 1/2 months to make all these decisions. Lets talk about them later.


Listening to her talk was kinda making me nervous. I was realizing I didn't have an answer to the majority of her question's. It's a good thing we still have a little while before baby joins our family. We are so not ready for a baby. And she is right we have absolutely NOTHING for a baby.

Why oh why did I get rid of everything after Brayden???

I am getting excited for another little girl. It's been a while. It'll be fun to make new bows and bracelets. Another 1st doll and just the fun that little girls bring. As far as names go Kory's a brat!! He never wants to discuss names until the baby is born. I swear he does this just to irritate me. Despite what he says, all of our kids names were picked out before they were born except for Emily. The ONLY reason her name wasn't picked out was because we were letting her be a suprise. However I felt like the baby would be a boy, all the wives tales said it would be a boy. Every one around me told me they thought it was going to be a boy. I had 2 outifts to take to the hospital to bring our new baby home in. One was for a boy and the other one was for a girl. However, I knew it was going to be a boy so I left the girl outfit at home and only brought the boy outfit. I didn't buy a lot of clothing while being prenant but what I did buy well... was saved for Brayden because it was all boy! Needless to say Emily wasn't even a consideration until she was born. But that girl was named before we left the hospital.

As of now the kids and I are leaning towards Kylie, not sure about a middle name yet. I liked Kaleb better but baby's not going to be a boy. Kory says he doesn't like Kylie but I've HEARD that with all my pregnancies until the babie's born and he says, "I really don't care, that sounds fine, whatever you want." So until then with all the extra help I have with this prenancy baby is now being called Kylie. By the time baby is born Kory will probably be used to it and just assume the baby's been named with out any input from him. I'm afraid if he wants a say in this he had better jump on the band wagon and do it soon!