Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wo is me...

Last week kicked my butt!

(The majority of this post is me complaining so feel free to walk away now.

However since blogging has become my journal of sorts I'm going to go ahead and whine away.)

It started off sunday with our family hosting "family dinner". This is when the 5 families (about 30 of us) that live here in Alton get together for sunday dinner. Sunday dinner's only happen twice a month and all of us sister's/in-laws take turns hosting. The last time it was our turn it fell on Christmas Day. Even though we all live so close we really don't have a lot of contact with each other through out the week. Family dinner's are pretty relaxed. The adults sit around and visit with one another while all the kiddo's play together. Even though there's a lot of people and a lot of dishes by the end every one is VERY good about sticking around and helping with the clean up.

Family dinner wasn't overwhelming for me by itself. I just had no idea what the rest of the week had instore for our family.

Monday I spent the day getting ready for Preschool and getting some homework for myself done knowing our family was leaving town for the weekend.

Tuesday morning started off with preschool which lasted 3 hours. I try to have a lot of fun with my 6 kids learning about our theme for the week. When preschool is over it can take up to an hour of clean up time for me. I put all there work books and pencil boxes away. I've got craft stuff all over to be put back up. My table gets all the glue washed off it and my floor gets all the little cut pieces of paper swept away. Some days are worse than others but I've learned quickly that preschool can be quite messy. When my preschool mess was picked up and put away I had to start gathering all my needed supplies for mutual that night. My beehives and I were in charge of introducing the new YW/YM theme for the year, Arise and Shine Forth. We had 6 different challenges set up for all the youth to complete in teams. It was a lot of work! We didn't get home until 9 that night.

Wednesday morning (10am) I had to teach a "freezer meal" class for enrichment. I was asked VERY short notice to do this class. They asked me to bring a hand out of our families favorite freezer meals and to bring everything needed to put a freezer meal or two together. With everything I had to do the day before, come wed. morning I was not prepared. I got up early and got right to work. Everything went well during the class and I felt pretty good about it but I was tired. Wednesday afternoon I spent preparing for the next day's preschool.

Thursday morning I did the preschool thing. When that was over with I started on laundry and just cleaning the house in general so it would be ready for us to leave the next morning to Prescott Valley. Madelyn had her 1st basketball practice after school making me have to drive down to Orderville to pick her up. While in Orderville we got to sit around waiting for our truck to be inspected so that I could renew it's expired license before going out of town. On our way home I got a text from my visiting teachers asking if they could come visit that night or the next morning. Being we were leaving I told them they could come that night. Unfortunately it was just one more thing added to everything else that needed to be done.

Friday morning we got up and left the house about 9am. Long story short the 51/2 hour drive turned into a 8 hour drive. Yeah for us!!! We couldn't get to PV fast enough. We enjoyed our night with friends. Stayed up way to long talking and just enjoyed each other's company.

Saturday morning both dad's went to work. Leaving the 2 moms to drag 8 kids to Good Will for there 50% off day and then on to Target. We did get some awsome deals while shopping. Later that night we took both families to our favorite restaurant Garcia's. Garcia's is a mexican restaraunt. It's probably not any better than any other mexican resaraunt but it became our families favorite because on wed. nights kids eat FREE! While living there this was great we'd walk away feeding our family of 5 for about $16.

Sunday morning our plan was to attend 8am church just for sacrament meeting and then head on home. However that morning none of my kids had been bathed and none of them wanted to go. Kory and I talked about this and in the end we decided it might be a bit much asking them to sit for an hour through sacrament just to get in the truck for another 5 1/2 hr. drive home. So to my disapointment we loaded up and hit the road. Our trip home started off well. But to quicly Emily started complaining that her ear hurt. Soon after that my ears started to hurt. Not having a lot of snacks left we cut up several apples hoping that the chewing would pop our ears. Not so! By the time we got to Flagstaff (only 2 hours away from PV) both Emily and I were in tears. I have never had such an ear ache. We stopped at a gas station and picked up several things of gum hoping that would help. I'll admit while chewing my ears would pop but then immediately feel plugged again. Emily cried almost the entire way home. She'd fall asleep just to wake up a few minutes later complaining about her ears. It only took us 6 hours to get home but I swear it felt longer than our trip to PV. We got home in time to attend another family dinner which was great not having to come up with something to cook that night. I hated leaving such warm weather we had to play in Prescott Valley to come home to a cold 48 degree house, 55 degree's outside with a storm blowing in. When we got home from family dinner I felt so sick! Within the hour I was on the toilet not knowing which end to stick down. I was absolutely miserable. I went to bed early and tried to sleep it off. Monday the puking went away along with the diahria and ear ache but was left with a nasty cold. Since then I can hardly breathe. I am constanly blowing my nose. My eyes literally leak continually. I've got red marks where this leakage runs down my cheeks. I look like I have "sad" clown eyes. Can I say just once more how miserable I am. I stayed in bed almost all day monday and let Kory run the household. Tuesday I spent the day on the couch watching my kids destroy the place and NOT caring a bit about it. That night the kids and I did go to the church to participate in the Scout's Blue and Gold. Following it was mutual. The other leaders after looking at me sent me home to bed which I was so thankful for. The crusher at Kory's work broke during the day, after getting the new part and it still not working everyone was sent home early. This will suck when we get his paycheck but it was so nice to have him get home the same time I got home last night from the church. I went to bed and let him get the rest of the kids to bed.

This morning I woke up to no more leaky eyes and I could breathe easier. For just one second I thought I was well. But then I discovered that I can cough up a lung and my chest hurts so bad every time I do. Oh ya, Did I mention I had no voice at all! By this afternoon my voice kinda came back although it's very horse and I called my doctor to see what I could take for this dang cold. Sudafed, just plain old sudafed. I have sudafed, it's not plain but not having any other options for me and being at my wits end I took 2 pills anyways. Oh my goodness do I feel better tonight. I can breathe without coughing, my chest doesn't hurt and my kids can hear what I'm trying to say. All this just in time for Brayden to fall asleep on my bed and wet his pants. I've stripped my bed and have thrown them in the washer but I am not waiting for everything to be dried. I am sleeping on top of a blanket tonight with others thrown on top. Looking around my house tonight does not make me feel any better. I wish I were a kid that gets to go to school tommorrow and come home to a clean house. Or maybe I'm wealthy enough that a maid will come in and take care of it all. I know this sickness will pass and my house will eventually get put back to gether. I'm just not sure when!

Why does anyone get sick?

Seriously though I think that as busy as I was last week and the lack of rest I had I just wore myself out. I was so tired and a little overwhelmed last week. The previous week 2 of my kids were suffering with the croop. While in PV Hunter's croop flared up and we gave him a breathing treatment. Maybe that's part of what I've got. I will admit I'm thankful that all the "crap" that hit me waited until we got home instead of at a friends house away from home. I know this to will pass. I just hope it hurries. I don't know how much longer I can take this. I do know I will have so much more empathy the next time my kids get sick!


Our Family said...

Come to my house! My fridge and cupboards look like a pharmacy! Good luck and I hope you feel well soon! I know how you feel. ;)

The Gubler Family said...

The worst part of being pregnant is not being able to take Alka Selcer cold plus medicine. I hope you are feeling better now!!