Thursday, February 23, 2012

Preschool Fun

We've had some fun during preschool these past 2 weeks. Last tuesday we had ourselves a very fun Valentines Day party but thursday we had our normal school work to do. We worked out of our workbooks that gave everyone some good practice writing the letter "N" correctly.I love this picture because of Brayden. He know's the letter's of the alphabet and the sounds they make better than Emily. However when it comes to writing them she's much a head of the game. Doesn't keep him from trying though.
I did something different, something I had never done before. We painted letter N's with cooked noodles instead of a regualr paint brushes. At first the kids thought I was crazy but they LOVED it. I loved the way the pictures turned out.

This week we celebrated President's Day.
Do you know who's on the quarter?
Do you know who's on the dollar?
Thanks to an easy/catchy song Hunter learned in kindergarten all 5 of my preschool kids do.
It's George Washington.
He also happened to celebrate a birthday yesterday (in between preschool days).

On tuesday this was our craft we made.
Meet George Washington and the currency his face is on...
We talked a lot about George Washington, our very 1st President though if you ask the kids the majority still tells me he was our 1st prophet! LOL
I shared the story of when he was a little boy and cut down his dad's most prized cherry tree. So of course we had to paint a cherry tree to help us remember the story.

Today's big project was making our very own American Flag.

I don't know how much these little ones will remember of this week and our celebration of living in a free country. I hope though that something will stick with them over the next few years even if it's only our little song about George Washington being on our currency and being President #1.


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