Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barbie Storage

Last week was the first week all semester long that I didn't have to fight my Quick Books instructor for a better grade on homework. Hoping that her and I now understand each other and our both on the same page I decided I'd try to get ahead a little bit. I finished 2 chapter's worth of homework and completed my mid term that is due this sunday. After doing all this I figured why stop there. I went ahead and did 2 chapters worth of assignments in my other accounting class too. My next assignment isn't due until March 22. It feels so good to be ahead. I feel like I can now make the time to do something that I want to do instead of always doing homework or the other things in life that must come first!

I have a few sewing projects that I would like to do soon. Two of them being for our baby that is due in 12 weeks. Last week I pulled out some fabric and was going to start on one of these said projects but got distracted by my girls bedroom. The 2 girls share a room which isn't always easy. Madelyn is my "clean freak". She gets it from me. Everything has a place and she expects everyone else to know where that is and to put things back where she has placed them. Emily on the other hand quite frankly could care less about having a clean room. Several weeks ago I discovered that when this little girl was asked to clean her room her solution was to shove EVERYTHING under her bed. After this happening to many times in my opinion I threatened her. I told her that ANYTHING I find under her bed would be thrown away. And I mean anything. If it was a toy it would be gone. If it was a sunday shoe it too would be thrown away and she could then walk to church shoeless in the snow! I know I'm a mean mom. Needless to say I was fed up with her way of cleaning or lack there of.

Two weekends ago the girls were cleaning there room. Madelyn complained to me that once again Emily was shoving "stuff" underneath her bed. I had Madelyn remind Emily of the consequence of her actions by doing that. Long story short these two were not getting along so I told Madelyn she was done cleaning and Emily had to finish by herself! When Emily told me she was done I peeked in her room, underneath the bed and it all APPEARED to be good. Then early last week while she was off playing at a friends house I was putting some things away and climbed up into there loft to do this. Oh my heck!!!! Can I say disaster??? Instead of putting everything away or shoving it under her bed she threw it up to her loft. There were dirty clothes, trash, drinking cups, popcorn bowls, orange peels, etc. Let's just say this mom "freaked out". Emily soon came home from her friends house to discover mom throwing everything away that had been thrown into her loft. After 2 garbage bags out to the garbage can her and I "spring cleaned" her bedroom. We got rid of another 2 garbage bags of clothes, toys and just crap that has accumulated.

We put all the toys into bins I had recently picked up and was able to move there now "old" toy dresser into the closet where we will eventually put baby girls things into. It just opened the girls room up a bit. We were able to organize the loft so that for Madelyn's sanity everything has it's own spot. The only toy we couldn't fit into the loft due to it's size was the barbie house. Seeing something like this on pinterest several weeks ago I decided to copy it. It's kind of like a shoe holder but I made mine custom fit for all the barbie paraphanelia the girls have. To Emily's delight there's room for more. Yeah!!!
Each barbie has it's own pouch. On the bottom I made the pouches big enough so that all the clothes and horses would fit too.

The girls have played babies more this week then they have in a very long time. Madelyn is in love with this new organization for all the barbies. She wants me to make more like this for Emily's babies, the ponies and the LPS. Madelyn's been wanting to give Barbie's house a make-over since Christmas when she was given some new furniture. I told her that we will do it over her Spring Break that's in a few weeks. She's got plans of painting the rooms different colors and mod podging scrapbook paper to the walls to look like wall paper. I'm hoping my parent's still have some left over linoleum and carpet that we could take a few pieces of for flooring. It's exciting to hear her talk about her plans. We'll have to take pictures of our progress through Spring Break! She is too cute and makes me laugh! For now though we are LOVING our new Barbie spot and it's perfect being so clost to the barbie house!