Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1st Pine Wood Derby

Last night was our family's 1st Pine Wood Derby. This big event has been the main subject being discussed around our house for the last 2 weeks. With Kory's crazy work schedule saturday's are the only day he and Hunter are home at the same time. This made the past 2 weekends all about the special little car the 2 of them made together. It hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. Two saturday's ago the family sat around the computer looking at ideas off the web of how "we" should design his car. There are some awsome designs out there! There were several that Hunter "loved" and wanted to replicae. However Kory kept telling him he needed to decide if he wanted the "coolest" looking car or the fastest car and win the race. In the end he decided he wanted to win this year and make the "coolest" next year.
Hunter's car is #3.

While waiting for everyone to arrive the boys took advantage of the track for a few "practice" runs.

This was the start of one of the many races Hunter's car participated in. Each car ran against everyone else's. It didn't matter the age of the boy.

They did it!

Not only did Hunter's car win the race out of his den but his car also came in over all 1st place.

On Saturday, April 14 we now have the priviledge of going to Kanab and having him participate in the regional Pine Wood Derby.

Besides the racing there were also 2 awards being given out. The "coolest" car and the most "unique" car. I couldn't help but laugh when Hunter won the "coolest" car award. I guess he got the best of both worlds this time around.

The fastest and the coolest!

The best part of the night was that Kory was able to take an extended lunch break from work and attend the activity with us. It's been over a year now with him working the night shift which causes him to miss most church/school/scout activities. It was so nice to have him be able to participate with us last night. Hunter enjoyed the spotlight he had with his dad.

Good Job Hunter and Daddy!