Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kory's Ticket

We have a little green car that I do believe is on it's last leg unless Kory can figure something else out. When he drives it he has to unhook the battery cables and then rehook them for the headlights to turn on. When he gets to his destination the lights won't turn off unless he repeats the process of unhooking/rehooking the battery cables. It's just a complete nuicanse. (This is just one of the many issues our car is having).

For several months Kory's truck has been in Beaver at a mechanics getting fixed. So unfortunately driving the car was the best way for him to get to work.

The weather here has been quite sporadic as it seems to be all over our country this year. It just hasn't been a "normal" winter for anyone. It will snow for 3-4 days here and be bitterly cold, not getting much higher than 30 degrees. Then for 2-3 days we're in the high 50's and nothing but sunshine. This is causing nothing but a lot of mud. Kory's got about 5 miles one way of dirt (muddy) road to work each day. Having just gotten his truck back and not wanting to deal with the hassle of the car he took his truck to work and this is about what it looked like the next morning. Just one day going to work!!!!!Two weekends ago we took his truck to Hurricane for some much needed shopping looking like this. It was kind of funny to hear people's comments of how dirty his truck was. Before returning home we went through a car wash which was kind of a waste of money. This truck needs a good rub down not just water spraying at it in different directions. Not having a car wash any where near home or having a hose that would reach where we have park ...the truck stayed dirty. Well this past week during one of our high 50's day Kory again took his truck to work causing it once again to become absolutely filthy.
This past weekend he went to Prescott again to pick up his trailor to bring home. While in Prescott just a few blocks away of poicking up his trailor he got pulled over and given a ticket. His ticket is one of those "fix it" tickets. The ticket says he has 5 days to fix his illegble license plate. Kory called me after the cop pulled away and all we could do was laugh about this. What a silly reason to be pulled over. The cop must have been bored! Thankfully there's no fine involved (unless he get's pulled over after the 5 days and it hasn't been fixed in the state of AZ). When he got home he kinda sorta fixed it. Being he was pulling a trailor home he couldn't exactly drive through a car wash so when he got home he "dusted" his license plate off. Signed the ticket that it had been fixed and mailed it in. He drove his truck to work the next day and once again it looks like the above. At the moment I'm glad we don't live in AZ or we'd have to give the truck a daily wash so as not to get pulled over again and be fined!

I don't think a local cop would pull Kory over for this. I say this because the majority of the "local" trucks on the highway around here look very similar to this. Local cops would understand the mud issue we have going on right now with all the unpaved roads we've got around here. I just find it incredible that his truck looks like this after one day at work! Kory says until spring is here and the roads have dried out so all we've got to deal with is the dust issue he's not washing his truck again. I was really, really, really hoping that Spring was on it's way, that the snow we have will soon be gone and no more will be coming. I was quite disapointed that another storm is coming our way this weekend. Looks like snow for sat/sun and mon.


Camille said...

another plus to living in a small town, there is no such thing as keeping up with the "jones" everyone drives either junky or filthy cars. And yeah most kids are in ragged play clothes the majority of the time. You'll always look better than the rest....! LOL THat's a plus right?