Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Chicks

This morning we recieved our much awaited 6:30 am phone call announcing that our day old chicks had FINALLY arrived. They were suppose to be here last week but had to be pushed back an extra week. We then were told they'd arrive yesterday but..... they didn't get here until this morning. Thankfully there were no casualities with the extra shipping day. Brayden is "loving" his new friends. All 25 of them.
All day long I've heard nothing but, "mom my baby chicks want me please and thankyou give me them" coming out of Brayden's mouth. He has played with them numerous times today. Sometimes he wants one and sometimes he wants two.

This afternoon after much warning I finally had to take these 2 chicks away from him before he was ready to put them back in their box. These poor little defenseless creatures were being treated too much like toys. He was having them talk to each other and play together. He was moving them around like pawns. He didn't like it when they started to wander off on there own and not stay where he had placed them. I felt like his little grip was getting a little too hard on them.

He was moving them around and treating them a little too much like his toy animals.

He loves them and isn't scared of them at all. I hope he will keep his love for them as they start to get bigger and uglier. It would be great to have one kid not be scared of chickens. Why not let that kid be the baby of the family? We'll let the 2 year old show em' how it's done!


Camille said...

sooo funny! I guess they do look pretty cute at that age and would seem fun to play with. What good lil' sports they are! LOL LOL