Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rainbow/St. Patty's Day

For Preschool this week we are on the letter R (for rainbow) which I though was just perfect with St. Patrick's Day this weekend. Our letter project of the week was litteraly making a rainbow R. I think it turned out pretty cute. Making our rainbow project ended up being a big headache for me. Monday afternoon as I started compiling everything together for Preschool I realized that my box of Froot Loops was missing. I had just bought a box the previous weekend with this rainbow project in mind. I searched and searched and searched but to no avail. I have no idea what happened.... I'm thinking we either didn't leave the store with this paticular bag or it fell/flew out of the back of the truck on our way home. Not having a grocery store close by I started calling around to see if anyone had a box I could have and then later replace. After calling one of my sister-in-laws her husband answered the phone and said that they did indeed have a box and yes I could take it. I told him I'd be by later that night to pick it up. Well...... this said husband didn't think to mention it to his wife and so as an afternoon snack the mom had allowed her kids to basicly eat the entire box of froot loops. When I showed up a few hours later to pick up the box she had no idea I was coming and felt bad that the box was basicly empty! So what to do now when it's 7 o'clock at night and walmart is a 3 hour commute away???

I pulled out what colors I had in crepe paper. I talked my bigger kids into helping me cut many, many, many square strips and used them for our rainbow the next day. The kids had fun crumbling the paper and gluing them to their rainbow. It was something new for all of us!
Hunter had a hard time accepting that this was the best I could do. I know that grey and pink are not a color of the rainbow. I know the colors aren't in order but seriously, the preschool kids were lucky they got this much.
Do you know the colors of the rainbow??? And in the correct order??? Last year Hunter taught me something I did not know that he had learned from school. The colors of a rainbow makes a guy's name...

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we read a story about a tricky leperchaun who was caught in a trap and how he escaped. Afterwards we of course had to make our own leperchaun.
I was a little taken back that my Emily was the only one of the 6 preschoolers who knew what a leperchaun was. I explained to the kiddo's that he comes every year to our house and causes nothing but mischief. We must wear something green or we'll get pinched. The leperchaun turns our milk green, he hides our shoes, etc. After reading our story the kids talked about making their own leperchaun traps non stop. When mom's came to pick em' up I warned them all about what we had talked about today. Not one of the moms have ever done anything for St. Patricks Day. Hopefully the kids will either forget by saturday or the moms will come up with something so as not to disapoint their preschooler. I did have one grandma call and thank me about our preschool day. At first I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic but in the end she was serious. She always did something for kids on this day but her daughter never has. She was babysitting this afternoon and was already helping her grandkids make there leperchaun trap for this weekend. I'm glad they learned something today during preschol!