Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Look who's going to Kindergarten!

Today has been a much awaited day for someone in our house. The excitement could barely be kept in! Miss Emily got to go to the "big kids" school and get registered for Kindergarten for the up coming school year. She has been so EXCITED about this for several days now.

This will be Emily's teacher, Mrs. Chamberlain. I think these 2 will get along pretty easily.

Emily will be asked to bring a treat to school to share with her classmates once a month. She's already talking about all the different possibilities. On her birthday it's also O.K if she wants to bring in cupcakes to share. Ooh my my! What a lucky little girl and mom we are! After we met Mrs. Chamberlain and filled out a few papers we were asked to visit the school nurse in the gym for an eye exam. Emily quickly became apprehensive when learning about this. We watched a few kids go first and her fears quickly vanished. I got to sit right next to her and hold a paper over one eye while she answered the nurses questions. She did great!
After visiting the nurse we dropped off a copy of her birth certificate and immunization records to the school secretary. Now that all the "business" was taken care of we spent a few minutes outside getting aquainted with the school's jungle gym.

Emily thinks the time spent out here will be the best part of the day.

Too much fun!

Looking over the "what your child should know before kindergarten starts" paperwork I think Miss Emily will do just fine. The one thing that we do need to work on his her name. At the moment she writes her name in either all capital letters or all lower case letters. For the life of me I can't get her to write it with just the E as a capital letter. Mrs. Chaberlain sent home "homework" for each of the kids to practice writing their name correctly and asked them to practice this over the summer. When we got home tonight Emily immediately sat down to practice writing her name the way her teacher asked her to. She kept telling me she had to learn how write her name the right way now. It just made me laugh cause I've shown her this a bazillion times. I've written it out for her to copy a bazillion times and in Preschool each day I have asked her to write her name this way. I guess now that a real teacher and not just mom has asked her to she's willing to make a commitment of it. Her homework she did tonight was just perfect. I'm anxious to see how she will write her name tommorrow during preschool when it's just mom being the teacher again.
I'm glad she's excited to go to school. I hope her excitement lasts that 1st day of school when she gets on the bus and mom's not there.