Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

After Emily made her leprechaun trap she wanted to take it upstairs. I wanted her to leave it on the table but she refused. That night when tucking her into bed I asked her why her trap was on her bedroom floor and not her bed. She said that even though her jammies had green on them she didn't want to take the chance of the leprechaun pinching her during the night. She felt that leaving her trap on the floor by her bed the leprechaun would still come but not climb on her bed while she was sleeping. I guess that thought is a little creepy. To Emily's dimay her leprechaum came but he didn't stay traped. He must have had rope to help him climb out of the buckett and then walk back down the stairs she says. Next year she's not going to have stairs. LOL

The leprechaun did leave treats for all the kids.
Both my kids bedrooms have there own bathrooms. The leprechaun must have had lots to drink during the night as he visited both bathrooms.

I think the toilet was there favorite part.

When they came down stairs they were quite excited to see our St. Patrick's Day decor.

I made a rainbow out of balloons and tissue paper. Our leprechaun left us a big pot of "greens" at the end of our rainbow.

Despite the terrible pictures I was quite pleased with the way everything turned out.

We also did our traditional meals through out the day. By breakfast I ended up with a migraine and taking pictures was the last thing on my mind. So glad I went around the night before snapping what I did get!

Breakfast: green waffles with green cream on top

Lunch: a skewer with green fruit

Dinner: corn beef and cabbage, green jello and green dinner rolls.
Emily was just to cute to watch during the day and hear her different thoughts about our green friend that visited during the night. She definetly made the day worth all the work that was done the night before.


Camille said...

i didn't grow up with any st. patty's traditions besides wearing green so we don't do much. But boy is your house fun!! We do usually have some green food but not a whole green meal, let alone 3 green meals. I was at school this year on pattys day so Jonathan was in charge. He played games with the kids all day and then they made me green pancakes for dinner when I got home ;)