Friday, December 03, 2010

Brayden's Sleep Habits

This past week Brayden has fallen asleep in the most random of places.
Friday, in Alton, Brayden got mad after his dad had left him with me at Grandma's house.
He was crying by the door for his daddy and wanted nothing from me or Grandma. After a few minutes of trying to console him I just let him be. It wasn't too long when his cries stopped so I went to investigate. I almost missed him. Can you find Brayden? I seriously don't know how Joy can handle this. Her front entryway always disapears in the winter to EVERYONE'S coats, gloves, snow boots, bags, toys, etc.
So tired he couldn't even finish his cookie.

He gets tired and just leans forward wherever he is.
When I moved his toy he just fell over even more.

I don't know how he can sleep like that.
My funny sleepy little boy.


The Gubler Family said...

Those are even better than Jenny's. She always fell asleep in funny places too. My favorite one is when she fell asleep on the potty.

He is so cute!

Natty said...

LOL! I miss those days!