Friday, December 03, 2010

Thanksgiving cont...

Grandma Heaton is always so good to allow the grandkids to help with meals. The grandkids helped make homemade rolls for dinner. When helping Grandma wasn't an option playing in the snow was! We definetly had plenty to play with. Hunter made me laugh. He'd play outside until his pants, socks and shoes would be soaked through. He'd then come change and go do it again with different shoes. He didn't want to wear a coat becuase he only had one and didn't want it to get wet like his clothes. Kids!!
It's hard to tell but the sun was out and really wasn't that cold when I took these pictures. Thanksgiving day was the coldest day while we were there. It was FREEZING. It was a high of 12 degrees and incredibly windy. It was cold cold cold. After thursday though during the day it really didn't feel to bad.
We could easily go outside to the cars or walk down the street to a family member's home with no coat.
Over the weekend we stayed at Harmony's home (Kory's sister). They built their house with a rustic theme and so throughout the house they have these posts.
This paticular post always becomes the inside jungle gym when the cousins get together.
Hunter likes to show off what he can do to his cousins.