Monday, December 27, 2010

Emily's Christmas Party

Shortly after moving this past summer I was able to put together a little preschool for Emily. From the beginning it was planned that we were going to have the kids put on the Nativity for a family home evening sometime before Christmas.
My preschool group this year is a little different. It's sad to say that the participating 5 families do not know each other. We are all in different Wards and even different Stakes. The Preschool started by word of mouth of someone who knew someone else who may be interested. All the kids seem to enjoy going to preschool and all the mom's are doing a great job. We just don't know each other very well.
One of the other mom's vounteered to host our Family Christmas Party for the preschoolers. I just assumed that we would do the Nativity like I had mentioned and had written on the calendar from the beginning of the year. The beginning of Dec. I was told that this mom still wanted to host the party but didn't feel up to doing the Nativity. After talking to the other 3 moms they all seemed to agree that they didn't want to go all out this year. I understood as one family had just moved, and another family was moving a week before Christmas, but still I was a little bummed. My very 1st year of doing a co-op preschool we had the kids do the Nativity and it turned out so well. I wanted a repeat of that great experience we had. Emily's party was just O.K. After everyone's arrival the kids put together a little bag of oatmeal and sprinkles. They then attached a little note about sprinkling this Reindeer treat on your lawn so that the reindeer would know where to land. After the Reindeer treats were made I thought that maybe our 5 Preschooler's would stand in front of us and sing some of the songs they have been practicing during school. They didn't. They stayed sitting with their families. After about 4-5 songs of everyone singing we stopped and ate some of the treats that were brought to share.
The highlight of the evening was that we got to meet the dad's of the other kids and get to know the families better. I guess it was a start to getting to know each other. Emily had fun. She enjoyed playing with her friends and introducing them to her big brother and sister. I'm glad Emily has one more year of preschool. Next year I'll do it a little different.


Sara said...

I was a little disappointed about our preschool Christmas, too. I was in charge of the Nativity, and it was crazy! But none of the moms do parties for holidays. Kind of a bummer. Wish you were here!