Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Let the festivities begin...
with sugar cookies
and playing with our cousins...
Jamie and Brayden My parents have been doing the 12 Days Of Christmas to an elderly couple in the ward. They have graciously allowed my children to help in the nightly, sneaky, leave it on the door step, ring the doorbell and run event. As you can imagine they have had a lot of fun in doing this. After dinner my parents, my family, Travis and his family and Sheri and her family participated in delivering the 12th day of Christmas. At this couples door step we sang carols and left them with their last gift.

When we got home from our carroling we allowed our kids to open 1 gift (that mom got to choose). This has always been our family tradition taken from Kory's childhood. It was funny to listen to each of them wonder and talk about what this gift may be. I find it funny that they haven't remembered that the gift has ALWAYS been the same in previous years.
It has ALWAYS been a new pair of pajama's.
Why would this year be any different?

Despite the initial disapointment of it being "ONLY PAJAMA'S".
They were excited to have a new pair.
I think they were hoping for a new toy before bed.
My handsome boys.
Hunter is such a good big brother.
My children wanted to stay up "all night". However in the "it's almost Christmas" excitement Hunter woke up this morning at 3:41 and did not go back to sleep. While playing games with his Aunt's and Uncle's he had a hard time keeping his eyes open.
Aunt Hanna and Madelyn snacking during the game.
About 9 my kiddo's were ready to hit the sack. By 9:30 my children
were nestled all snug in their beds;
while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads;
I forgot to take a picture of what was left for santa but I remembered Christmas morning.
The best part was the notes my older two left for him.
I have scanned them into the computer but can't get them to upload so I'll just have to tell you what it said...
Madelyn's R:
Dear Santa.
We didn't forget your cookieses and milk this year.
(Oops! We forgot last year)
Hunter L:
Dear, Santa
I wish that you and your elves will have a merry christmas.
I am sorry for everything I did
Sincerely, Hunter
Does this son of mine have a guilty conscious?


Camille said...

i love their letters! Hunter is histarical!