Friday, December 03, 2010

Turkey Tournament

I think the highlight of our Thanksgiving weekend this year was the Turkey Tournament. At thanksgiving time every year Valley High School holds an alumni Basketball Turkey Tournament. You yourself don't have to be an alumni just someone your related to. This year Kory's brother Kirk, his brother-in-law Dustin and their nephew Carson played on the same team along with a few distant cousins. Our 1st game this year took place thanksgiving day, after dinner.
Unforunately we lost by 6 pts. But still played a pretty good game.

Our 2nd game took place Friday night. We did awsome. The game was one that we'd be ahead by 10pts and then it would reverse, then we'd get ahead again. Overall it was a good game and we won in the end.

Being we won our 2nd game this put us in the finals. We were playing for 5th/6th place. I know... Whoo Hoo!!! This game was by far the best game I have been to in a very long time. We were neck to neck the entire game. With 3 seconds left on the board Kory shot a 2 pointer which tied us and sent us into overtime. The next 7 minutes was just great! The wives of our team really got into it. There was stomping and yelling and jumping out of our seats cheering our team on. We were again neck to neck through overtime. In the end we did loose by 1 measly point. But boy did we have a great time.

Brayden was one of Daddy's biggest fan's. He'd stomp his feet with everyone else, clap his little hands and yell go daddy go!