Monday, December 27, 2010

Hunter's Class Party

As I've mentioned in previous posts I am Hunter's room mom.
One of my responsibilites is planning all class parties. Our Christmas Party this year was a great success. All afternoon I had kids telling me that this was the best party ever. I'm thankful for all the compliments. It tells me all my hard work was appreciated.
I started the party by seperating all the kids into 2 groups to play Rudolf's Nose. On at a time the kids were to dab some vaseline on their nose, attach Rudolf's nose there nose, run to the opposite side of the room and dislodge the nose into another bowl with NO hands. It was comical too see. After Rudlolf's Nose I split the class into 3 groups and then rotated them through all the stations. One of the stations (the biggest hit) was the chocolate fountain. We had pretzels, banana's and oranges to dip and then many different sprinkles to add to it.
Our 2nd station was to make snowflake ornaments. These 2 boys decided to turn them into Patriotic Stars instead.

Another station was playing Christmas Bingo with m&m's.

Our last station was to listen to Christmas books being read by one of my party helpers.

This by far was the best party this year. During our Halloween and Thanksgiving parties I've had almost NO help from other parents. It's been the teacher and I. It gets a little expensive, time consuming and not much fun for me. I was really suprised and greatful by how much help I got for our Christmas party. And the kids had fun, that's all that counts!