Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red Ribbon Week

This year I have 3 in school. Each of my children desperatly wanted me to be their room mom. How do I choose which class? Before having to make my decision I was asked if I wanted to participate on the school's Booster Club. Our school doesn't have a PTA and so this stands in it's place. We are very small with just 4 of us as member's. I decided that instead of having to choose between my kids I would do the Booster Club thing that way I was at the school volunteering my services to all of the classes instead of just one.

I was put in charge of Red Ribbon Week which fell over Halloween this year. On Monday we had Crazy Hair Day!

 My kids love spraying their hair a different color. Emily was so fun to watch as this is 1st year to participate in things like this.
 Tuesday was "Slam Dunk, Drugs are Junk". The kids could wear any sports affiliated clothing. We are not a sport fanatic family! Being last year Hunter and Madelyn played baskett ball we did have their jersey's. Miss Madelyn volunteered to wear her dad's old high school jersey even though it looks like a dress of her. She was quite pleased to tell me at the end of the day that there were many other's that wore their parents jersey too!
 Wed. was Halloween so the kids got to wear their costumes to school. Thursday was Pajama day and I apparently didn't take pictures of that day.
Friday ended up being everyon'e most favorite day. This was the 1st time the school has released
 The kids had an assembly first thing that morning and by 9:45 we were all outside with our balloons ready. The principal had us count down from 10 and then together we released our balloons that were attached to our drug free pledge.

I've never done anything like being on the Booster Club before so this was a new experience for me. I think the week turned out great! I recieved many, many compliments and so I believe everyone had fun. It's interesting living is such a small community. People say they are excited to have a new-be on the team for fresh ideas. Yet when I suggest something most of the comments made our "we've never done that before, I don't think we can" or "I don't think we can afford that" or "I don't know if people will like that. We've never done it that way". I really had to push for the helium balloon's. It cost $45 for the helium, $25 for the balloons and $4 for the red ribbon we tied around them. In the end the $74 was well worth it and I'm being told everyone wants to do it again next year.  Yippee!!