Thursday, December 13, 2012

Halloween Randomness 2012

As you know Halloween is my absolute, all time FAVORITE Holiday! I love dressing up, the fun foods, the cool shirts, annual party and the awesome hair do's I ALWAYS do on the girls. This year was a bit diifferent for our family. I felt like I was the "grinch" of Halloween.
We did make it to the Halloween Pack Meeting.
Here's Mr. G (member of the bishopric)

Loved Sis. Roundy's costume!

 Madelyn wanted to be a Miss Dracula. Being we live in the middle of nowhere we had to use what we had in our costume box.  I've had this wig for years and I've loved it! I've worn it to church parties, school function's and other events and for some reason people have a hard time recognizing me. But I do believe after this year, it's been taken over by my daughter.

This was the 1st Pack Meeting Kory's been able to attend since Hunter began the scouting program a year in a half ago. It was so nice having him there. The baby and he and I went as our old standby, quick and easy M&M's. I made these costumes 6 years ago when Emily was a baby.They've sure come in handy.
Brayden when going through our Halloween costumes fell in love with the giraffe costume. This little man of mine wanted to wear it all the time! It was a fight to get him to not sleep in it each night.

 Apparently those were the only pictures I took of our Pack Meeting.

My kids school put on a Halloween Parade around the school block. The little ones and I sat on the grass and cheered them on.
 Miss Madelyn...

Miss Emily... a fairy waving at her mom 
 Loved the Preschool teacher's costumes!

Mr. Hunter as.... Batman!

 Brayden loving on his sister while waiting for the kids to come back.
 Not sure what happened to my camera when we went trick-or-treating cause I don't seem to have any pictures. Here's Miss Emily with part of her stash when the night was through.

So last year's Halloween was absolutely horrible. We stayed in town to do our trick-or-treating and no lie we were the only ones out walking the streets. Everyone else was being driven around. With our town being so small with a total of 8 streets (4 running N to S and the other 4 running E to W)  I was baffled by all the driving. By the time we got home we were freezing and had very little candy. The majority of the houses had there lights off. What the heck?? 

 Last year Kory was on the night shift so wasn't with us. This year I told him we were going to drive to the next town over where it was little bigger, had sidewalks and street lights. Being it's 20 minutes away the plan was to leave about 6. We get in the van and the kids decide they want to go to a friends house in town first. After that house someone else wants to go to their primary teacher's house. It seemed like after each house the kids kept wanting to go to another friends/teacher's house. By the time we were done it was past 7 and I wasn't up for the 40 minute travel time we had ahead of us. Let's not foget that Halloween this year was on a wed. so a school night! So we finished driving the kids around town and hit the houses we hadn't already hit. We were home about 7:30, costumes were put away, faces washed and the kids were in bed at 8! Being we left earlier this year and we drove instead of walked most of the houses still had their lights on and the kids were pleased with their candy. Trick-or-treating is done differently here than what we were use to back in Arizona. I decided to have success living here we need to leave ealier instead of waiting till the sun starts to go down and we'll drive em' around instead of walking.