Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homemade Gifts

I thougth I'd post some more of our homemade gifts I made with the help of my children.
The kids and I started making watch bands for their school teachers last year.
For Christmas we made them a watch band along with the watch face. Then later in the year for birthdays we made another watch band to go along with their Christmas gift. The teachers loved these. This year I decided to do it again. One afternoon with Madelyn and Emily's help we made 7 watch bands. I let the kids pick the color they wanted to make and then helped them lay it out. Madelyn is old enough that she can string the beads mostly by herself.
It was a fun afternoon that we girls spent together.
Here are just 4 of the watches we made. The others got wrapped before I could take a picture. I really struggled on what to get for the grandparents this year. About a week before Christmas I came across this book mark idea. I don't remember where but somewhere out there on blog land. I decided to copy her idea. I had some recent pictures printed out to walet size. Walgreens prints them out 4 to a sheet and charged me $.19 per sheet. I ordered one per child. 2 days before Christmas the kids and I sat around the table and put them together. I let them choose their own paper with coordinating ribbon. We made one for both grandparent's and then both sets of great grandparents. This way we used the whole sheet and didn't leave me with any left overs.
I think they turned out cute.


Sara said...

Hey, Tina! So Tiffany and I were just saying how we don't know how you do it all! And those gifts are PERFECT for your kids. They would be perfect for my kids. I need to pick your brain starting in September. Hope you guys are good. If you get a chance, could you send me your address and I'll send you a Christmas card?