Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boys Drapes

One of the biggest issues we are having living in this house are the upstairs windows. Despite the cooler weather we have here it gets very, very warm upstairs. Not only does it get warm but the sun doesn't go down until after 9 o'clock each night. In the past we usually put our kids to bed between 8-8:30. During the summer I don't mind if it's closer to 9. However it's been VERY difficult to send the kids to bed when it looks like this outside! I took this picture a little before 9 last night. It doens't seem to matter how tired the kids may be it's just too stink'n bright outside for them to go to sleep. Both these windows are in the boys bedroom. These windows are huge.

They are both over 6 ft. in length.

I love all the light during the day just not at night.
After much consideration Hunter has asked to decorate his room in a sports theme. I got online to see what options I had out there with a sports theme. I was astonished to see how expensive drapes could be. I found some really cute sports themed curtains but because of our large windows they would have cost me almost $150 a window. I can't afford that nor could I justify it. I have 2 other rooms upstairs that also need window coverings with the same size windows. So Hunter and I kept surfing the internet until we found something he liked.

We eventually found something similar to this.
Instead of paying there asking price of $30 for the drapes and $50 for the valance (just for the smaller window) I spent a total of about $30at JoAnn's. I was able to get enough fabric to cover both windows. Included in this price I also got "black out" fabric which I sew to the back of the dark blue drape that will not only help the sunlight stay out but also helps with the heat.

Two days ago when I began this project I didn't know that I would have extra kids at my house from 9 that morning until 9 that night. I'm going to blame all the MANY distractions I had that day for all my mistakes. I cut the fabric about 6 inches to short. I of course didn't realize this until I went to hang it up. I also didn't know that my iron has a very HOT spot on it. Must be getting old. When I began ironing my hems this hot spot melted the fabric. I'm sure you didn't notice before that where the drapes meet in the middle one corner is about a WHOLE inch shorter then the other side. That I can blame on the HOT spot. I also forgot to add the "black out" cloth. I din't realize it until I had hung the drapes and could see the light through the drapes still. SERIOUSLY! Where was mt head? Now that this window covering is done and hung Im not sure I'll add the material to this window. I did enough unpicking over the past 2 days to last me a life time. Despite my very long, frusturating day at sewing something I thought would take just a few hours of my day not 2 WHOLE DAYS! I'm excited to make the matching set for the bigger window. I'm anxious to get the window coverings done and then start on decorating his room "sportsy". Despite all my mishaps and mistakes Hunter is thrilled with his new window covering. And I don't think it looks to bad at all!


Camille said...

it looks fine. I wish I had more sewing ablitities to make my own curtains! Can't wait to see te finished product