Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stake Acitvity

Every weekend since we've moved has been full of activities. This past weekend was no different. Our stake held a large activity right here in Alton. It was kind of nice having it here as usually all stake activities take place in Kanab, almost an hours drive away. At this paticular activity they have each year my in-laws are asked to make there famous, well known,

sour dough bisquits. I ended up sticking around helping them. We ended up making two 5 gallon bucketts FULL of dough. Very quickly I lost track of how many pans of bisquits I was putting in and pulling out of the oven. As people around heard the next batch was about done my little table would be swarmed with people. I had NO IDEA how much people enjoyed the Heaton's sour dough bisquits!Next to my table was a couple in charge of making home made butter. Anyone who wanted was given a container full of cream. After about 10 minutes of shaking for these little ones they had there very own butter to put on there hot bisquit right out of the oven.
Outside they had other activities like roping the steer, barrel racing with stick horses, ring the chicken with a hoola-hoop and so on.

After the many different activities the kids participated in we headed to the park for dinner.

With Kory and us living in Alton this makes 4 of his siblings living here now with all of our kids.

All but 3 of the grankids that live here are GIRLS! Two of the three boys belong to us. That means these 2, Hunter and Orin, despite the 2 year difference with Orrin being older are ALWAYS together. I can only imagine what mischief these 2 will get into this summer.

What's a picnic without watermelon.

This was definetly Brayden's FAVORITE part of the day.

He wouldn't look at me normal for the picture. He kept giving me his "deer in the headlight" smile while saying "cheese".


Camille said...

Oh what small town fun! ;) Seriously though, I bet it nice to have freedom for your kids in a smaller safer place...where they can roam endlessly!

And that cement idea...super fun for kids! How creative!