Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heaton Reunion

Every year during the month of June the Heaton's get together for a Family Reunion in Alton. There are usually between 125-200 people that come each year. For the past 3 years we have been unable to make it. I'm so glad we were able to participate this year. We had so much FUN!

This year instead of having the reunion in Alton it took place 10-15 miles away in what we call Rush. Rush is where the Heaton's keep there cattle heard during the summer's.

This picture represents what a reunion is. Cousins, Cousins and Cousins. Some you know better then others and some you don't know at all. These 4 boys were the only 8-10 year old boys around. Where there was one there were the other 3. These guys were stuck like glue. It was fun to watch Hunter make new friends. Uncle Jim brought his candy cannon.

I want one.

The kids went bezzerk when the cannon was fired and candy came falling out of the sky.

There was plenty of food around for someone to be constantly eating.

I love his mouth wide open. This was his expression when he turned around and saw this:

Look at that fire!

Being in the mountains brings the cold night air a little quicker than normal.

Grandpa Heaton carved whistles out of tree branches.

They actually worked. Grandpa's can do things like this.

It may have driven the adults CRAZY with 10 kids running around with homemade whistles
but they sure had fun.

Emily spent a while trying to catch some dirt fish!

Emily and her cousin Rachel were great babysitters. Many, many, many toddlers plopped themselves in the dirt to play. Any time one of them got up to wander these girls would quickly go find an adult for help.

Kory and Brayden.

One of the many games that were prepared for the weekend was "catch the chicken's". Hunter was so pleased that he was able to catch one. What a different kid he's turning out to be. This past year when we got baby chicks he was too scared to hold them. Look at him now, chasing chickens!

One of the other activities we had going on was a Zip-Line. Oh my goodness the hours of fun everyone had on this. The above picture is of Kory coming down.

Emily and Rachel near the end of the Zip-Line. I love Emily's facial expression. Despite the fear she had, she went down numerous times.

Hunter and Brayden also LOVED the zip line. This is them coming to a stop at the bottom. Brayden only being 2, I was not planning on him participating. I guess this is what happens when Kory found me and said, "Here let me take him from you. I'll watch him for a little while." Little did I know that he had plans on sending him down on the zip line. Kory took him with him the 1st time and he loved it. He wanted to do it over and over and over. He would throw a mini temper tantrum when it came time taking him off the chair after his turn. When he was put down, he'd head straight to the hill and start climbing up for his next turn. This kid definetly belongs to Kory. He has no FEAR.

Grandma Heaton and Emily eating there dinner together.

Madelyn and her Cousin Ruth were connected at the hips.

They had lots of fun together.

One of the activites was to have a game of Paint Ball. Not having enough guns and not wanting to spend too much money on sling shots all the kids made there own. The first part was to find a good strong Y branch, they then cut a piece of rubber and tied it to some tubing, connecting it to the Y.

Hunter's homemade sling shot he made.

Of course Grandpa brought his horse for the kids to ride.

At the end we had a box full of treats the kids got to pick out of.

Emily chose a bottle of bubbles.

Brayden was given a water shooter out of the prize box.

I love his face.

It was a great weekend that went way too fast!

We didn't camp out like some of the other families did.

I can't believe how dirty my kids got. I guess that means they had a good time too. Brayden wore himself out. He fell asleep like this on our way home in Daddy's truck.


Camille said...

That looks like a ton of fun! ;) Can't wait for a little R & R this weekend too!