Monday, June 27, 2011

A Long Weekend...

We've been here for an entire month now. Wow has the time gone by fast!

Every weekend since we have moved seems to have been cram packed with family activites. We had a family reunion last weekend and then this weekend was my in-laws farewell. Next monday, a week from today, they will be reporting to the MTC. In a few weeks they will be on there way to Navou. Every weekend we seem to be on the go, go ,go. It's great to be so close to family that now we can participate in all the family activites we want. Our busy summer isn't over yet. This coming weekend my side of the family is having a reunion.

After such a busy weekend to say my kids were cranky was an understatement. About 1:30 this afternoon I had had enough. I threw my hands in the air and told each one of my children that it was nap time. I didn't care where or how they slept they had just better get to sleep somewhere and quickly. About 2 I went around to check on everyone. Hunter was asleep on our couch downstairs.
Madelyn on her bed.

Emily under all her covers.

And little man on my bed. It was so peaceful for a WHOLE hour.

It was a much needed peaceful hour for mom too. Despite my temptation to do the dishes or start the laundry or clean the bathrooms, I laid on my bed and read a book uninterupted.

It was a great hour. I decided I don't do that often enough. Must do that again!


Our Family said...

Hey Tina~
Can I just say I love reading your posts. They keep me in stitches and help me see how normal my world of motherhood is. Kids do the darndest things ;).
I wanted to share a link with you too. I thought of you and your mad sewing skills when a friend shared this with me... I think these are so cute!
Have a happy 4th!

katielyn said...

I love it! I wish I could use that on junior high kids! "Everyone's taking a nap right now and I don't care where or how- just go to sleep!"