Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A New Porch

My in-laws, the Heaton's live next door at least for the next 3 weeks until they begin there 2 year mission in Nauvoo. There cement porch has held up pretty well during the past 30+ years it has been in existence. This past winter it took a great beating from weather and old age and started to fall apart. Kory's brother, Kirk came up for the week to re-pour the porch. After several days of getting everything ready the cement truck arrived thursday morning. ALL the grandkids and other kids from the neighborhood came to watch. It was a picture worthy moment, too bad I didn't have my camera yet. After the excitement wore off and most of the kids had ran off Uncle Kirk was looking for some added weight to smooth the cement with. Being Brayden was close by he chose him 1st. What we thought might be a fun experience for my 2 year old was not so. He screamed and would NOT hold on. Lucky for Kirk, 4 year old Sarah (a niece) was also close by. Being a little older then Brayden she thoroughly enjoyed the ride.
When the ride was over one of the many kitties around town made it's way into the yard. That poor thing didn't have a chance with these 2 around. It was instantly picked up, snuggled, smothered with kisses (oooh yuck!) and fought over.

When the kittie made it's great escape the kids moved on to other things. What kid doesn't like a hose to play with. Especially one that is broken and NEVER completely shuts off?

There was some left over cement when the guys were finished. My sister-in-law Heather had a great craft idea for all that left over cement. We all went home and scrounged around for old tupperware or plastic bowls we didn't mind not getting back. We filled them with cement and then the kids went to town turning them into little gardening stones. All the moms pulled out embellishements for the kids to decorate them with. We had jewels, beads, foam stickers, buttons, feathers and natural products like rocks and sticks.

For over an hour the kids sat on the side of the road decorating there stepping stone. I know I took pictures of the finished products. Some turned out really cute. I just don't know what happened to the pictures. They were on the camera but didn't download to the computer and having erased the memory after the download I think there gone. Oh well.

The kids had so much fun. Next time we've got cement being poured we'll definetly do this fun project again.