Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is a picture of one of our many outside doors. The only difference between this and the others is the dang doggy door. Eventually this doggy door will be blocked off. However this doggy door has NOT been at the top of our to do list with to many other demanding fixes that needs done. We've just been saying by winter we'll have it fixed so we don't have snow blowing inside the house and loosing heat from it. This little guy discovered the doggy door after moving in but soon forgot about it until today.
This morning I heard somebody knocking on our side door. Wondering who would possibly be knocking on that door I was quite suprised to see my little boy standing there. He came running inside, went straight to the hallway, out to the door and out that dang doggy door. I couldn't believe it. After coaxing him inside after a little while I shut the connecting door to the hallway so he wouldn't beable to escape again.

After Kory left tonight for work all 4 kids went upstairs to watch a movie. Late last week we ordered a internet phone that worked great the first 2 days. Since then we can make any long distance call we want but no local calls will go through. Knowing the kids would be busy/ entertained for the next 86 minutes I got on the internet to contact this phone server for help. They don't have a phone number to call so we've had to chat with there technicians for help. After almost the full 86 minutes had gone by I was told this company needs to contact the local phone carrier to see why our phones not working. Anyways, I get off the computer and start doing dinner. The movie soon ends and the kids start coming downstairs again. I ask where Brayden is? No one knows. I go up stairs looking for him and I can't find him. Being he missed his nap I assumed I'd find him asleep on the floor somewhere. He's not upstairs so I come back down to look. I can't find him. I'm starting to get panicky. Seeing the hallway door open I know he's escaped outside. But how long has he been gone for? I thought I knew where he was during the past 86 minutes. My father in law brought some horses home the other night and there next door in the pasture. I'm of course thinking the worse. I get the kids to help and we start searching and calling his name outside with of course no response. After about 10 minutes I'm beyond PANICKY! He's not in the pasture with the horses, he's not at the park, he's not on the rock pile in front of my in-laws, he's not out in the barn, he's not in with the goats, he's not at the church and he's not in the ditch Kory dug today trying to fix a water break.
Where is he?
I'm about ready to call Kory at work. I had no idea where he was. I'm in the back yard yelling his name and making my way back to the house when I hear my brother-in-law coming down the lane on his skidsteer. He hears me yelling Brayden's name and calls out to me saying he's on other side of the barn. I run to the other side of the barn still yelling his name and all I'm getting is silence. I don't see him anywhere. Dustin can tell I can't see him still so gets out to help me. The grass behind the barn goes up to my thighs. That kid was sitting in the thick of it. He wasn't moving, I'm sure he thought we were playing hide-n-seek. When our eyes met he gave me the biggest grin.
I can't begin to describe how scared I was.

Tonight after dinner that kid escaped again. Only this time I knew when he left. The fixing of that doggy door just went up on the to do list. It will be fixed, and soon!


Camille said...

OH my gosh!! I would have been in tears panicking for sure. That's scary. One of my friends little 2 year olds wandered out their front door during spring when the weather was nice & doors were open. Her kids came down an hour later and no one had seen the toddler! She started searching out front and down the street. Around the corner, a police car! A neighbor found her wandering and didn't know where she lived, so called police. CPS also paid a visit ;( CPS ALSO followed up to make sure kids were being looked after! LOL So funny, but scary. Just be glad your in cowbunk america where you don't have CPS & cops to worry about so much!