Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Water Break!

The owner's of the house we are renting had a barn built several years ago near the house. They had the top of the barn turned into a little apartment. All I can say is this barn would not have passed code when it was built nor the apartment. For that matter it still wouldn't pass code. The owners called Kory and asked him if he'd look into getting the water turned on in the barn so that they can come up for the 4th of July. Kory went out with a shovel to try to find the shut off valve. Most people have the water lines at least 3 ft below ground level to prevent freezing. Kory with his shovel hit and snapped the pipe in half at about 16 inches deep. OOPS!

For quite some time I listened to him ranting and raving about the "idiot" who built the barn and the "idiot" who didn't know what he was doing when he did the water lines and how stupid this person was to put the water line 16 inches deep when it's suppose to be 36-48 inches deep. Especially for putting a water line in Alton where it freezes 6 months out of the year. When he got it all out of his system he borrowed the back hoe from his dad to try to fix the now much bigger problem he had on his hands.
To say this man of mine was NOT happy was an understatement!

Hunter wanting to help his dad put on the extra pair of rubber boots to go dig through the mud to help fix the leak with his dad.

Brayden loved the time he spent in the back hoe and did not want to get out.

Kory was able to temporarily fix the break. We've got to pick up some more parts while I'm in town tommorrow so he can fix it properly.

I'm glad we moved. I'm not sure this house was the best in the end. It was the nicest from the outside, the newest and the biggest that we had available. I guess I've learned the phrase, "don't judge a book by it's cover". There were so many things that did not work or was broken when we moved in. Here's a short list to remind myself in a month or two when everythings been taken care of:

No propane, means no hot water and no cooking

Dishwasher- broken

No working light fixtures- have now replaced 30+ lightbulbs

Weather stripping was bad on all 4 outside doors, could feel the cold not seeping in but blowing in full force

Water heater that now once a week has offered no hot water

All outside doors must be kicked shut to shut or kicked open to open

The fan on the wood burining stove- broken

Broken, smelly, stinky backed up toilet up stairs

toilets that don't flush all the way

The filthyness, mold in all bathrooms, around all the sinks, in the fridge,etc.

Broken drawers in all bathrooms

Kory's been able to fix many of the above mentioned. We still have some more to go. Sometimes it seems like for every step we take forward we end up taking 2 steps back. For instance today, he was able to fix some broken fence outside this morning till he ran out of screws. After that he break's the water line and then tonight (after Kory had already left for work of course) the girls came running downstairs to tell me there sink was broken, the water wouldn't shut off. I booked it up stairs to investigate. Sure enough the cold water handle had broken. I was able to get a screw driver to shut if off but seriously! I don't dare ask, "What's next?"

The owner knew his house had many problems and has told Kory that what needs fixed can be taken off the next months rent. I just wonder if he knew how much fixing he really needed. From where we're standing I don't know when we'll have to pay another months rent.