Monday, June 27, 2011

Madelyn's 7

This past weekend was Madelyn's 7th birthday!

We invited ALL of her cousins and there families over for a bbq. Madelyn is growing up so fast. For a few years now I've been making their birthday cake with a theme of something that they are currently into. We've done Tinkerbell, Littlest Pet Shop, etc. This year Madelyn isn't into anything paticular. She had a hard time choosing what she wanted her cake theme to be. After a few days of different discussions we jumped on the internet to see what other 7 year old girls have had for a birthday cake. I must say I have NEVER seen anything like this before. It's called a candy cake.
I was prepared this time. I made ALL the "candy" about 5 days before the big day. This was perfect. The fondant was dried completely and I didn't have a single issue with it falling apart due to wetness. Suckers, Lollipops, hard candy, what else could you ask for?
She loved it!

Kory barbequed the hamburgers while some of the kids entertained themselves on the computer.

Finally lunch was served. Madelyn requested hamburgers and chips. We had everyone who attended bring a salad to share.


Somebody got a hold of my camera during the party and took a few pictures. Despite the blurriness I love this picture of these two. Meet cousin Rachel with Emily. I was suppose to be induced the same day Rachel was born. I was a little dissapointed the hospital was FULL and I didn't end up having Emily for another 2 days. It would have been fun to have "twinner's".

It's always fun to watch the birthday child "try" to open there gifts. These gift givers were anxious to "help" the birthday girl open her gifts.

It's singing time.....

And now the much awaited cake time....

Grandma Heaton helping Brayden not make a mess on my new couches.

Uncle Jim brought his candy canon over to celebrate her special day.

This is Kory trying to get the fuse to light.

Madelyn was suppose to light it but it took off to quickly and she got scared and jumped back.

Do they look ready?

I think Brayden had a good ol' time with this activity. Lots of sugar fell into his lap.

The is cousin Andrea who was staying a few days at Grandma's without her family. She felt bad she didn't have a gift for Madelyn so made her some special pies. She even wrote Madie on them.

She's 7!

Here are 7 things Madelyn LOVES in no paticular order!

#1 Her baby brother, Brayden. Madeyln is so good to him. Almost to good. She is so quick to give him what he wants. She is always right there to comfort him. The other day I smacked his hand and he ran off crying and yelling her name. Within what seem like seconds Madelyn had come down stairs and picked him up. He was crying into her shoulder telling her how "mean" (his new word) mommy was to him.

#2 Cousins. Oh my gosh does this girl love her girl cousins. Of the 14 cousins that live near by only 3 of them are boys (2 belonging to me). The other 11 are all girls, girls, girls! Those big girl cousins of her's are so good to allow the little ones to tag along. At the same time Madelyn and the cousins her age are also good to allow the younger girls to follow after them.

#3 Church. She looks forward to church. She likes her new primary teacher and she likes her classmates. She is usually the 1st one ready sunday mornings. She is eager to get to church.

#4 To sing. She is always singing. ALWAYS. She quite often puts a c.d in her c.d player and sings along at the top of her lungs.

#5 Baking. I love her love of baking. Whenever she see's me in the kitchen she asks what I'm doing and if she can help. Her favorite thing to bake is cookies. I'm trying to teach her how to follow a recepie. She's doing very well. Too soon I'm going to be able to let her make them by herself without me looking over her shoulder.

#6 Draw, color, write, etc. If she's not singing or baking you can usually find her sitting at the table with papers, markers and a pencil around. She loves to color and draw. She loves to draw a picture and then add a short story to it.

#7 Clean. She is such a great helper. In the mornings she asks me, "So, mom what are we going to clean today?" Her favorite room to clean right now is the bathroom.

I love you Madelyn, I am so glad you are apart of our family.