Monday, August 01, 2011

A New Experience

Kory has been talking for the 2 months we've been in Alton now that we need to start collecting wood for this winter. The house that we are living in is heated with a wood burning stove. Since the house has been empty for some time there isn't a nice wood stack already waiting for us.

I grew up in Las Vegas we didn't have a need for chopped wood. After Kory and I got married we lived for a short time in St. George, Ut and then moved to Prescott where again we had no need for firewood. I have never "chopped wood". I must admit EVERY saturday that he talked about going out to chop wood I cringed. He thinks chopping wood will be fun (he's using a power tool, a chain saw, what man doesn't like that?) I think I'd rather stay home and scrub toilets. We don't currently own a chain saw so despite all the talk of chopping wood I've been able to live up to my part by staying home and scrubbing toilets these past few saturdays. Don't get me wrong I completly agree with the fact that SOMEONE needs to collect wood for this winter. When we moved to Alton the end of May I was suprised with how chilly/cold it was and how many fires we had. It was an adjustment for us. We had moved from Hurricane where it was getting plenty warm, the winter clothes had been packed up and summer clothes full of shorts, skirts, t-shirts and swim suits were being worn almost daily. Within the week of moving all those summer clothes were packed back up and the long sleeve, pants and jackets were pulled back out.

This past saturday Kory borrowed a chain saw from his brother-in-law. Hunter and I were then dragged out of the house to help "chop wood". I'll admit it wasn't the HORRIBLE experience that I was expecting. In fact it wasn't that bad at all. We didn't have to drive all over the place as I had imagined. Kory had a great time with the chain saw!I thought that "chopping wood" would take HOURS! It didn't. In fact we had a cook out at the same time. It's sad to say but I'm pretty sure Kory planned the impromtu cook out on my behalf. He knew he didn't have a chance of getting me out to help him chop wood if he didn't have another excuse too. Kory cut quite a few small trees down and into pieces that I then loaded into the truck. I was suprised to find that by the time the truck bed was full of all those small dead trees less than an hour had gone by. I was expecting this new found experience to last many, many hours, not less than one!

Today we had all the kids help unload the truck.

Hunter helped pull all the wood closer to the edge of the bed for us.

Having left our wheel barrol behind in Prescott we all made many trips to the truck and then back around the house.

Emily doing her part.

Brayden thought the wood was "heavy" so he loaded his dump truck and then pushed it to the pile.

Not to bad for our 1st load of fire wood. I'd much rather be doing this now when it's warm outside then when it's wet and cold and the ground is covered in snow.

Here's a few things I learned about "chopping wood":

1) Must wear shoes NOT flip flops!

2)Don't throw the wood to hard into the bed of the truck so as not to break the back window!

(No I did not break the window, however I must have been making Kory nervous as he so kindly kept reminding me broken window's are quite common when people have loaded wood.)

3)Must wear a long sleeve shirt. Bark is ruff and scratches the begebbers out of your arms when your trying to carry an armfull.

4)Cutting wood is not so bad! Must do this again soon!
(Just don't tell Kory!)


Camille said...

I never think of you as a city girl, but you totally are!! My goodness Tina. You've never chopped wood?! LOL I grew up doing that. I was always hauling wood inside at panguitch and now my parents home too. (well I mostly make my dad bring wood for the fire, but ya know) I did grow up chopping down huge trees in the forrest. :) it can be fun..not always