Monday, April 16, 2012

1st Dance...

Saturday night Madelyn had her 1st dance.

Her elementary school was having a Spring Fling, a Daddy/Daughter dance!

Madelyn and I had so much getting ready for this special night.

Madelyn chose to wear her new spring/easter dress and a necklace that I had that matches perfectly. Even daddy got dressed up. Kory wore his one and only missionary suit. Something he has NEVER worn in our 10 years of marriage. When he stuck his hands in his pocket he found something he hasn't seen in many, many years. His missionary tag! It took her a while to choose her hairstyle now that her hair is so short. In the end she asked for a few flipperoo's and then we curled, curled and curled her hair. She looked beautiful!

She came home that night with her dad on cloud 9. The first thing she said to me was how AWSOME her night was. How this paticular night was "the best night of my whole entire life".

I'm so glad her special night with just her and her dad was so enjoyable!


Camille said...

That is so sweet! Maddie does look so very beautiful!! I love her pretty curls!!
Carlaya's school did a dance like that too and she too, just loved it! I wasn't here really to help her get ready or see her off but I did help her curl her hair before leaving. i hate missing so much fun stuff while I am in school