Sunday, April 01, 2012

Easter School Party

Last week Madelyn informed me that her school class was going to have an Easter Party on friday. She was a bit disapointed that she didn't have an easter shirt to wear but asked if I would still do her hair eastery. I told her I would do her hair in whatever fashion she wanted me to. I put her on the computer and told her to find a hair do she wanted to replicae.This was what she picked. Unfortunately this paticular morning we were very RUSHED for her to catch the bus. The bus is usually anywhere 5-10 minutes late on a daily basis but of course this morning the bus came on time. Which resulted in hasty pictures.
Hoping to get a better picture when she got home from school I took this one.

Her hairs a bit messed up but you still get the picture. Those colorful things locked into her hair are plastic easter eggs. We must have done a good job as all of them stayed in place all day long. She was quite pleased with the way it turned out.