Sunday, April 01, 2012


This little dude is driving me CRAZY!

Back in October we started the potty training thing and he did quite well. We went several weeks with NO accidents AND he was waking up dry every morning. Kory and I were both quite pleased.
In December this child of mine got sick. We started taking a weekly turn milking the family cow and we thought that maybe he was having an allergic reaction to the fresh milk or he had the flu bug. If Brayden ate cereal he'd puke within the hour every single time. If he drank any milk that day he'd end up with diahria by the end of the night. After about 3 weeks of this we decided that it must be the fresh milk and not the stomach flu that was going around at the same time. We started buying him his very own store bought milk while the rest of us enjoyed the fresh milk. Having diahria almost on a daily basis for 3 weeks it was during this time I started puttting a diaper back on him at night. During the day he'd make it to the toilet for the most part but EVERY night he'd wake me up sometime during the night with a burning bum.

He hasn't woken up dry since then. At the beginning I decided that since I still had a huge bag of diapers I really couldn't be bothered with this. I figured that eventually he'd start waking up dry again like in the past. Besides that, I've had my priorities else where and haven't really tried working on this. Well gues what? Our big bag of diapers are about gone and I am NOT buying anymore for my soon to be 3 year old.

Three weeks ago Brayden started having accidents on a daily basis. And not just once accident a day but several. In the past when this has happened with my other kids it's our first sign of a urinary infection. So I pulled out our cranberry juice and had the kid drink to his heart's content thinking this would take care of the problem. It hasn't!! At least once a day he pee's his pants. Using the same punishment with him that we've used on our other kids accidents warrants a cold shower. He gets rinsed with cold water, washed in cold water and rinsed again in cold water. This has ALWAYS worked with our other 3 kids. Brayden must be made from a different mold. When he's pee'd and we've discovered it he runs into the bathroom yelling happily that he gets a cold shower! What the heck?? What the kid hates is the soapy part. After a week of cold showers and that not taking care of the problem we started spanking. Little smart alect will laugh at us saying he's peed his pants and now gets a spanking. He'll start spanking himself in front of us to show us how it's done. Really???
So after much thought I pulled out a wooden spoon to use on his little bum. This too has had no effect. After his accident he'll tell me he's wet and that his "mean mom" will spank his bum with a wooden spoon and again start showing me how it's done. Kory and I aren't sure what to do.

We have noticed that his accidents take place when he's "busy". For instance, he's gone to the park to play or he's upstairs on his bedroom floor playing with cars/dinosaurs. He may be sitting in front of the computer playing Nick Jr. I think he gets "busy" and doesn't want to take the time to go potty. Thur/friday I set my timer for every hour. It was like potty training again. Every time the timer went off he and I both stopped what we were doing and I took him potty. I also didn't give him anything to drink after 6pm. On those days we were accident free and woke up dry. I feel like we are potty training again and I'm not exactly liking it. Something snapped inside me this past week and I realized that not only are we about 2 months out of having a new person in diapers but he's turning 3 the end of this month. I will NOT have 2 kids in diapers and I will NOT have a 3 year old still wearing diapers!
This week he and I are going to go strong on the potty training part 2. I hope we will suceed!


The Gubler Family said...

Practice! Practice! Practice! My kids had to practice 10 time doing it right every time they had an accident. At first they loved it but after a little bit they hated it and then they would stop.
Bed wetting is a totally different thing though. They really have no control over this. Every one of my kids wet the bed except for Katie. Jenny was potty trained and dry at night for 2 years and then started wetting. She wet the bed until she was 8. I tried everything: rewards, treats, spanks, no drinks, alarms to wake them up, buzzer belts. Nothing worked. Don't make them feel bad about wetting at night because they really can't help it. I did noticed that my kids wet more during season changes though. So maybe this is just a short bed wetting phase.