Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bryce Canyon

Last week during our spring break we chose the warmest day possible, a whole whopping 56 degrees and headed over to Bryce Canyon which is only about 45 minutes away. Kory and I visited this National Park once while we were dating but have never come back. It's beautiful! It was cold and windy on top but when when we hiked down to the canyon the wind disappeared and it was a little warmer thank goodness.

We chose a mile hike to tackle for the day. Half a mile down and then half a mile up. We were told this easy hike would take about an hour. We thought this would be perfect for our younger kids.

We took our time exploring the nature around us. We let the kids play in small caves, climb hills and trees and just mess around. All too soon we came to our hikes destination. The kids weren't even remotely tired yet and so we continued on. Before we kept going we asked a few people how much further ahead this hike would be if we made the big loop. We were told not very long, probably less than a mile. We thought no problem we could handle that and so we kept going.

We came across a flat area full of these rock stacks that people have done. I don't remember there real name but shepards use to make these to mark there path. We spent some time here allowing the kids to knock other peoples creation's down and rebuild it there own way (what we were told to do). Kids, dirt and rocks. You can't go wrong with this. The kids had so much fun it felt like we were dragging them away when we felt it was time to move on and let others enjoy there creativity.

What a great picture! LOL

Madelyn and Emily took turns carrying the camera taking pictures of what ever caught there attention. The girls kept adjusting the zoom for this picture and after several minutes this picture was finally taken. It's crazy to see that I couldn't snap my coat all the way up due to my belly. I love Kory's facial expression. We were both ready to be done and move on.

Our little one hour 1 mile hike turned out to be a 3.2 mile hike. The last mile was nothing but a steep up hill grade. It was hard! Brayden was carried most of the way back up and Emily was dragged/pushed back up. Hunter and Madelyn both did great with minimal complaints. I think Kory and I complained about as much as they did. It didn't help that on our way back up we were coming out of the canyon and so the wind picked up again. The wind was blowing against us making it feel like every 3 steps forward we were being pushed one step back and it was just cold. Hunter and Kory tried throwing pinecones off a ledge and the wind was so strong that it would blow the pine cones right back at them. It was kind of fun to watch! We eventually made it back on top. We ate our lunch in the van due to the coldness of weather and made it home in time for Kory to get to work. Despite that last mile back up, the wind and the cold it was a great morning spent and I'm glad we did it.