Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baking Day

The week before our kids Spring Break the weather finally started to warm up a bit.We were all so excited! The kids and I made a few plans of doing some things outside enjoying our new warmer weather during the week. As fate would have it though our 1st day of Spring Break we woke up to it snowing outside. It didn't snow a terrible amount but it was cold, windy and the snow just kept coming down. The kids were hoping it would snow enough that we could go sledding later on but we didn't get nearly enough snow for that. With the freezing temperatures outside we created a "baking" afternoon. Knowing we were going to Hurricane for Easter later in the week we decided to make our cinnamon rolls for Easter breakfast. Emily and Brayden helped me make 3 pans of these delicious rolls. I just love this picture with Emily's tongue sticking out of her mouth while she is concentrating so hard.
When the cinnamon rolls were nearly done I allowed Hunter and Madelyn to start on there No Bake cookies, Hunter's favorite cookie right now. Madelyn is getting pretty good at reading/following recipies. I was impressed that that these 2 made the cookies with very little help from me.

My kitchen was destroyed by the end of the day but we all had fun being in the kitchen at the same time.