Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

Friday afternoon when Kory got home from work our family headed down to sunny, warm Hurricane for the Easter weekend. Friday night we left the kiddo's at home with Grandma and Grandpa and Kory and I went out on a much needed date. We saw the Hunger Games and thoroughly enjoyed it. We both read the series over a year ago. I know there were some changes between the movie and the book but it's been long enough since we've read the book that we didn't notice anything major. We loved the movie.

Saturday morning all the moms and kids headed over to the kids old elementary school to participate in the town's Easter Egg Hunt. The had roped off several different areas of the field and then divided it into different ages. My 4 kids ended up being in 3 different spots. All the hunts started at the same time so I didn't get very many pictures. Hunter and Madelyn did there hunt together. I stayed with Emily. I had Aunt Hanna help Brayden being they were in the same spot as Aunt Sheri and cousin Jamie. Here's Emily before the big event. She was pretty excited.

Brayden loved his bag full of candy!

Later that aftenoon we died easter eggs. Look at all those eggs!

Emily liked "painting" the best.

Brayden wanted his egg to be green. However he wanted to use the same egg and kept dipping it in every color available to him. In the end he had a nice brown egg.

The Easter Bunny did find us. As with tradition our Easter Bunny brings a new book. Brayden loves stories and it was cute to watch him pick up his new book during the day and read it to himself.

Hunter turned 9 the day after Easter and I seriously thought that he knew who the Easter Bunny was. Madelyn and I had a conversation around St. Patricks Day about Leperchauns being real or not along with the Easter Bunny. I thought Hunter participated too. Apparently not. This kid woke me up Easter morning before 6 am excited that he had been given Harry Potter book 4 in his baskett. He just kept saying over and over, " I can't believe he brought it to me".
I guess he still believes!

Emily was thrilled with her Fancy Nancy book.

Madelyn's school teacher has been reading Flat Stanley books to the class. Needless to say I've heard lots about them. I was a bit worried that she may have already heard/read this but she hasn't. The Easter Bunny did a good job guessing.

After sacrament meeting Aunt Sheri and Uncle Jason blessed their newest, Brionney. After her blessing we went back to Grandma's for lunch in the back yard.

Brayden and Jamie quickly learned how to work this fun watering system.

Hunter and Noah had fun playing together despite there age difference.

These girls made me laugh. It's fun to listen to them talk and hear there giggling.

These 2 climbed in by themselves but then got stuck!

GG pa & GG came over for lunch too.

When lunch was cleaned up we made the kids go to the front yard while the adults hid the eggs in the back yard for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Look at all the grandkids together. They were all together for the weekend. The only one missing in the picture is baby Brionney. Next year she'll be there with everyone else.

Miss Emily

Hunter loved being able to climb the tree's to get to the eggs.

Brayden totally got the Eater Egg Hunt this year. He'd open each egg one at a time and exclaim, "More candy!" It was quite fun to watch his amazement with each egg.

Miss Madelyn

It was such a great warm sunny weekend spent with family. The kids thought the weather was great and were excited to wear shorts again. I seriously wonder if we will ever wear shorts at home. Madelyn came down ready for school this morning wearing shorts. I left it up to her but let her know it's suppose to snow this afternoon. She didn't believe me as there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I pulled the weather up on the computer to show her we have a 80-90% chance EVERY DAY this week until next monday of snow showers. Needless to say she changed before catching the bus. I miss the warm weather we had this weekend. It's going to be cold this week at home as the highest is suppose to be 55 over the next 6 days. Will it ever be Spring here?


katielyn said...

Looks like fun! You got some great photos, too!