Thursday, April 12, 2012

We've Had Another Birthday...

This past monday we celebrated, the best we could, someones birthday in our family. I forget how small this little guy started out as.

Hunter weight 5'10 when he was born. My sister, Hanna, who at the time was about 8 years old picked up a grapefruit off my counter. To her utter delight she realized the normal sized grapefruit was a bit bigger than Baby Hunter's head. Like I said, he was kind of tiny when he was born!
It's hard to believe this little boy of mine is now 9 years old! Where has all the time gone?
The morning of Hunter's birthday this year we were still in hurricane due to a dr's appt. I had in Cedar. It was kind of a rushed morning being we needed to leave about 8am. Before breakfast mom and dad gave him one of his gifts, an Angry Birds T-shirt. Grandma helped us keep with tradition by fixing pancakes with candles to blow out for breakfast.

After breakfast he was able to open a gift from Grandma/Grandpa and Aunt Hanna and a gift from Aunt Sheri and Uncle Jason.

Grandma/Grandpa gave him the pringles (his absolute favorite), Aunt Hanna gave him the frisbees, and paddle ball. Aunt Sheri gave him the Star Wars lego set which he put together while we traveled. It was great to have something new that entertained the kids during our travels home.

When we FINALLY got home later that afternoon Hunter requested his favorite meal for dinner; mashed potato's with shredded chicken gravy and homemade noodles. YUM! When dinner was over he was able to open his last gifts from us. More lego's!

We've kind of had a busy week thus far and he still hasn't had a chance to put them all together yet. I won't let him skip scout's to "play" with lego's. I keep reminding him that the lego's aren't going anywhere and he has plenty of time to put them all together!

Fun Facts about Hunter

1. Loves french toast for breakfast.

2. Hunter does not like butter/margarine because it is un healthy. He won't put it on french toast, scones, toast, vegetables, absolutely NOTHING! If I've put it on something like, hot broccoli for dinner, he'll try scraping it off and has even rinsed it off so he doesn't eat it.

3. Loves the Harry Potter movies and is reading the series right now. He's on book #4

4. He loves scouts and wants to do EVERYTHING in his scout book RIGHT NOW!

5. Hunter loves to surf ebay looking for "good deals" on lego's.

6. Hunter does extremely well in school and he likes school. However, if asked in front of his peers or a lot of people he'll claim he does not like school.

7. Hunter loves his younger brother. He takes time to play dinoasurs, cars or a Harry Potter game that Brayden has made up almost on a daily basis.

8. Hunter loves to ride his bike. Any opportunity he gets he usually takes his bike. For instance he rides his bike to get the mail, to the park, to baskett ball practice 2x a week, to scouts, to return or pick something up for mom. Every sunday he asks if he can ride his bike to church and every sunday the answer is the same, NO!

9.Hunter likes to go to the shop with his dad and build things. He made a stool for his bathroom with a "stool kit" I bought from D.I. He's also made himself a tool box in Scout's.

We love you Hunter and are so glad you are a part of our family!


Camille said...

Tell Hunter we are so sorry! I thought of him all morning on the 9th, but knew you were @ the doc. Then I wanted to wait till Carlaya was home that afternoon to call. well we failed to remember & call just like last year. I have him a card too and gosh, would you believe we still haven't mailed it! Tell him so sorry!! in the mail with $$ inside....very soon! ;)