Monday, April 16, 2012

Pind Wood Derby

Saturday was a busy day for our family. We started the day off getting up earlier than I would have liked, being it was a saturday and our only day to sleep in/lay in bed past 7am. We loaded up our family and headed to Kanab for the Regional Scout Pine Wood Derby. It was a cold, cold day. We drove to Kanab and drove home a few hours later in a freak'n blizzard. We were blessed with a less than 2 feet of snow which really isn't all that much but it was crazy that it just kept coming an coming with out an end in sight. By sunday morning the storm had finally passed us. Despite the horrible weather Hunter had an absolute blast!
His car won 1st place out of all the other Wolf's cars.
After all the dens had raced they then had the winner of the 3 dens race against each other just for fun. Hunter's car came in 2nd place. He was pretty proud of his car and how well it did.

He was pretty excited to be given a new pockett knife. It was engraved with the year and 1st place on it. This is something he'll always remember, winning 1st place his very first year in Cub Scouts. Good job Hunter!