Saturday, April 21, 2012


 This morning Kory decided we'd take advantage of our abnormally warm weather, a whole whopping 70 degrees and burn our burn pile. Our burn pile has been accumulating since we moved in almost a whole year ago now. We had everything from tree branches, hoses, broken plastic bucketts, weeds, hay string and left over rotten wood from when we're assuming the big red bard was built 5+ years ago. Our fire got pretty big! While cleaning out the barn Kory picked up a box to bring to the fire. Luckily he looked in it before tossing it on the fire. Guess what he found???????
 2 Baby kittens, probably less than 2 weeks old!
These little kids could not leave the kittens alone. They were taken everywhere this morning. They were very gentle with them but still.... We finally had the kiddo's put them back in the box and made them leave them alone. Kory keeps telling the kids if they play with them too much the momma cat will move them somewhere else. I guess we'll see if there still around come morning. I'm not an animal lover and neither is Kory. However, we have seen the neighborly cats trotting around our property with mice in their mouth. I have never seen a mouse in our house or any evidence that we have mice. The barn however is a different story! I don't care how many cats take up residence out there. As long as they continue to do there mice catching job these cats can stay!