Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girls Barbie House

Last week was our Spring Break. As promised Madelyn with help from the other kids took 2 days and worked on giving her barbie house a face lift. After she and I dragged the dang thing down the stairs she and Emily washed it good. I taped the ceilings and floors off for minimal paint mess.
Madelyn was a good sport allowing everyone to take a turn "painting".

After the paint was dry Madelyn chose some wall paper, aka scrapbook paper to decorate the walls with.

Ta da....

This is what we came up with. Madelyn has furniture for each room except the kitchen. She decided to hold off decorating that paticular room until we can come up with more than just the fridge which is what she currently has.

Over all I think it turned out great. We came home from Grandma's house with some flooring that now we just need to take the time to put in. Madelyn has plans of hanging barbie pictures, making windows and just making the rooms look a little more homey.

In the end she had fun and it was a great way to pass a few hours while it was bitterly cold outside and we all felt "stuck" inside.