Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Emily's Baptism

Saturday, October 11, 2014 was a special day for our Emily.
She chose to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Her baptism was definitely one of the best. We got many compliments on her day and was told several times how strong the spirit was. As much as I'd like to take credit for that I don't feel like we did anything. It was the music and the speakers that were able to bring the spirit that day. 

Her Grandpa Heaton started us off by giving a wonderful talk about baptism. He used the analogy of a door. That is Heavenly Father wants us to live with him again. He wants us to not only be with him but also with our family. He told Emily to imagine herself on one side of the door and her family on the other side. She's all alone and so of course she wants to open that door and be with her family. But she can't open it. It won't open when she tries. She's becomes frustrated trying to get that door open. She wants to go inside where her family is! That door represents baptism. Baptism is the 1st step in returning to our Heavenly Father and being reunited with our family. We must be baptized to open that door. It was such a great talk and he used something that Emily and everyone else could visualize and understand what baptism means.

After the baptism talk we had her Grandma Christensen talk on the Holy Ghost. She too did an amazing job. She brought a white gift box with white ribbon's attached. She told Emily that receiving the gift of the holy ghost was the best and most precious gift she will ever receive. She reminded Emily that sometimes the gifts given to us break and we have to throw them away. Sometimes we loose our new gifts or we leave them outside and they get ruined. Sometimes our gifts get to small for us to wear anymore and we have to get rid of them too. The Holy Ghost is a gift that we can't outgrow, we can't break and have to throw away because it doesn't work anymore. The Holy Ghost will always be with her. The Holy Ghost can be a constant blessing in her life. She then pulled out little strips of paper from her box and spoke just a minute of the way's the Holy Ghost can bless her. It can be a comforter, it can help her make decision's in her life, it is a protector and can worn her from things that might hurt her. It was such a great talk and again it was given in a way that Emily and everyone else could understand. 

After the talks Emily was baptized by her dad and then was given the gift of the Holy Ghost. 
Emily was baptized in the dress that my mom made for me at my baptism. Both of my sister's were baptized in this dress along with Madelyn and Emily's cousin Carlaya. It has become a family heirloom. Part of the dress floated to the top during the baptism and Emily had the privilege to be baptized twice. She was so embarrassed!

After the baptism and confirmation a video was played that the Primary President and I put together. It showed pictures of Emily growing up from a baby. During the slide show there were little segments of Emily sharing what her favorite scripture story was, her favorite primary song and what it meant to her to be baptized. At the very end it closes with Emily bearing her testimony. This is a dvd that I will always treasure. It is something that will remind us of what this special day meant for her when she was 8. 

I had a table set up inside the church for when our guests arrived. A few pictures of Emily in her new baptism dress. We went with a rainbow theme so I added a few colorful pinwheels. My favorite picture of Emily I had put in a mat and with sharpie markers those that came could sign their name and write a little message to Emily. We will frame this picture and hang it on her wall so that she will remember those that came and witnessed her being baptized and making her 1st covenant with her Father in Heaven.

Following the baptism we had a luncheon using the church's pavilion. Going with my rainbow theme we had all the colors of the rainbow. We served chicken croissant sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly for those picky eaters. Emily loved the matching plates and forks that matched the napkins. I thought it was funny that those things were the first she listed off.  

We made up a fruit tray and vegetable tray in rainbow order. I realized the vegetable platter was upside down and forgot to take another picture after I turned it around. This picture drives me crazy! 

For drink I bought a case of these small water bottles. I dumped all the water out and made colored kool-aid of the rainbow of course and then poured them back into their bottles. Madelyn was setting them up so nicely and in order for me. Dad thought he was helping when he picked up the extra's that wouldn't fit and dumped them on top. Totally took away our rainbow.  

For dessert we were going to do a rainbow cake but decided on rainbow colored mini cupcakes instead. They were a hit.

Sometimes it doesn't matter how long you plan or how hard you try some things just don't turn out. I spent several hours on the phone trying to come up with white carnation's. I wanted to color some mason jars the colors of the rainbow and then put 2-3 white flowers in each for our center piece down the tables. I called every Wal Mart and every grocery store in St. George, Cedar and Hurricane. No one could get me my flowers. I had several people that told me they were going to try and would let me know if they could get them or not. Apparently they needed 4 weeks to order them. Heck 4 weeks prior to her baptism we thought she was going to be baptized 2 weeks earlier then she was. By Thursday after not hearing from anyone I went with something different. I filled 3 large vases with candy separated into my rainbow colors. This jar is filled with gum balls. We had another full of peanut m&m's and skittles. These were a hit and everyone loved them.

About 20 minutes before we headed to the church for Emily's baptism I got a call from a florist. Apparently my flowers were ordered and had been waiting for me for a few day's. They wanted to know when I could come pick them up. I was so bummed but there was nothing I could do at that point.

I sat and visited with family during the luncheon and so didn't get many pictures. But here are 2 that I did take. This is cousin Brionney, Brayden and cousin Jamie.

Emily, cousin Sara, cousin Rachel, cousin Ruth and Madelyn.

Grandma and Grandpa Heaton were able to make it too. They had been released from the MTC the previous night and was catching their plane headed to Latvia early Monday morning. We had a few Aunts and Uncles that couldn't make it and they were missed but we understand. Our extended family on both sides are growing and sometimes we just can't make it to everything. We enjoyed visiting with the family members who were able to make it. It was a special day for our Emily and I love it when she says "Remember at my baptism......."